8 points you need to know when buy led street lights

When purchasing LED street light bulbs or China solar street light, you should also pay attention to many problems. If you are a little careless, you will buy those inferior LED street light bulbs. Let’s summarize the precautions when purchasing LED street light bulbs at eight points.

Configure virtual standard

The popularity of LED street lights is also accompanied by a decrease in price and profit. The fierce competition has also led to many merchants cutting corners and falsely standardizing product parameters. This is also caused by customers’ repeated price comparisons and requirements for low prices, and also with some manufacturers. practice related.

Counterfeit chips

The core of LED lamps is the chip, which directly determines the performance of the lamp! However, some unprofessional businesses take advantage of the unprofessionalism of customers, considering the cost, using low-cost chips, so that customers can buy low-quality products at high unit prices, resulting in direct economic loss, and cause serious hidden dangers to the quality of LED lamps.

Copper wire posing as gold wire

Many Led lamp manufacturers try to develop such as copper alloy, gold clad silver alloy wire, silver alloy wire to replace the expensive gold wire. While these alternatives are superior to gold wire in some properties, they are much less chemically stable, such as silver wire and gold-clad silver alloy wire susceptible to sulfur/chlorine/bromide corrosion, and copper wire susceptible to oxidative sulfidation. For encapsulated silicones similar to water-absorbing and breathable sponges, these alternatives make the bonding wires more susceptible to chemical corrosion, the reliability of the light source is reduced, and the LED lamp beads are more likely to break and die after a long time of use.

The design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable

In terms of optical design, if the design of the light distribution system of the street lamp is unreasonable, the lighting effect will not be ideal. During the test, there will be problems such as “bright under the light”, “black under the light”, “zebra crossing”, “uneven illumination”, “yellow circle” and so on.

Poor heat dissipation design

In terms of heat dissipation design, every time the PN junction temperature of the LED chip increases by 10 degrees, the life of the semiconductor device will decrease exponentially. Due to the high brightness requirements of LED street lamps and the harsh use environment, if the heat dissipation is not solved properly, it will quickly lead to LED aging and reduced stability.

Power failure.

In terms of driving power, if the power supply is faulty, during the testing and inspection process, there will be phenomena such as “the whole lamp is off”, “partial damage”, “individual LED lamp bead is dead”, and “the whole lamp is flickering and falsely bright”.

Safety failure

Safety issues are also worthy of serious attention: the street lamp power supply has no leakage protection; the quality of street lamp ballasts is shoddy; the circuit breaker has not undergone sensitivity check tests, and the rated tripping current is too large; the metal sheath of the cable is used as the PE main trunk The process is complex and the reliability is low; the IP waterproof and dustproof level is too low.

The lamps contain substances that are harmful to the light source

The blackening of LED light sources is a common problem encountered by major LED companies. Most materials in lamps need to be checked for substances that affect the life of the light source.

When purchasing LED street light lamps, pay attention to the above eight points. If the LED street light fixture manufacturers have no problems in these eight aspects, the quality of the lamps will not be very bad. In addition, contract energy can also be used in the transformation of street lamps. This mode can greatly reduce the risk of transformation and financial pressure, and the quality of lamps must be reliable.



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