Outdoor led flood light 600W-50W

Model: GR-FL-M Series

Wattage: 50W 100W 150W 200W 250W 300W 400W 500W 600W

Led chips: Philips SMD3030 chips

IP grade: IP66 waterproof outdoor use

Lumens:110-140lm/W output

CRI: >80



Surge protection: 6-10KV

Beam angle: 60/90/75*150°

Working life: >100000Hrs

Input voltage:85-265VAC 50/60Hz

Certificates: CE RoHS

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years


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This outdoor led flood light can be 600Watt max, each modular with 64pcs high lumen Philips SMD3030 chips, the output luminous flux range from 110-140lm/W available. 600W can be installed on top of 20m or 30m height high-mast for sports fields or plazas. or 50W 100W 150w can be used for tunnels. It is a good choice for outdoor environments for the top quality & cheap price.

Material and finished

  • Frame: Metal, black finish
  • Heat sink: Pure aluminum body, black finish.
  • Lens: High-quality acrylic lens mask, high safety, high light transmittance, and a variety of lighting angles are optional.
  • LED chips: Philips SMD3030 chips, high lumens, good color rendering, low heat generation, low light decay, stable light emission, and long lifespan.
  • PCB: High thermal conductivity aluminum substrate
  • Led driver: Meanwell/ Osram / Philips / DONE / XC brand driver, 5 years warranty, 6KV-10KV surge protection.
  • Bracket: Metal, 180° rotation


Model Wattage Dimension Luminous flux CRI PF IP Rating Beam angle Spec sheet
GR-FL-50WM 50W 75*315*140mm 5500-7000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-100WM 100W 156*315*140mm 11000-14000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-150WM 150W 237*315*140mm 16500-22000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-200WM 200W 324*315*140mm 22000-28000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-250WM 250W 399*315*140mm 27000-33000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-300WM 300W 474*315*140mm 33000-40000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-400WM 400W 324*610*140mm 44000-54000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-500WM 500W 399*610*140mm 55000-65000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download
GR-FL-600WM 600W 474*610*140mm 66000-80000lm >70 >0.95 IP66 60/90/75*150° Download


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