Led Panel Light

Golumen is the best led panel light manufacturer, supplier, and factory in China since 2014, having rich experiences in controlling costs, keeping stable quality, and avoiding any quality issues such as yellowing turn for LGP, broken drivers, etc. We will be your reliable supplier of high-quality led panel lights at competitive prices with a 5 Years warranty. Products include backlit type, edge-lit slim panel led lights, waterproof, dimmable panel lights, etc.

The size includes 300x300mm (1×1), 300x600mm (1×2), and 600x600mm (2×2). 1200x300mm (4×1), 1200x600mm (4×2). The other dimension such as 1200x150mm, 1200x200mm, etc can be customized. The OEM, ODM, and SKD orders are acceptable.